An Angel’s Guide to New Delphi

Throughout the Cradle, our kind is thought of as despicable, blood- thirsty, and monstrous. In New Delphi, the Possessed are civilized citizens living peacefully alongside our human brothers.

Below is a basic city guide for angel newcomers.

Founding Principle

Our honorable leader, Julian, keeps order with a simple system built on the foundation of trade.

Barter Economy

The core of our society is its Barter Economy. Our bustling Trading Floor is filled with goods that survived the war: clothing, food, weapons, electronics, medicine, etc. Here, both citizens and visitors exchange their goods, which are ascribed value based on our credit system. Our products fluctuate in worth, but Empyrean Steel persists as our most valuable item and most precious weapon.

Equal Rights

Angels and humans are considered equal beings with equal rights. We are given the right to equal treatment under the law, to participate in the Barter Economy, to own property, to bare arms, and to self-defend.

Law and Order

The notion of trade also informs our basic justice system. We keep law and order by following the code of “eye for an eye. ” It’s clean, simple, and functional. If the code is violated, Julian’s mercenaries address the situation as our leader sees fit.


To keep the peace, we must vigilantly defend our city. The majority of our citizens bare arms at all times, and a growing team of mercenaries defend our exterior and handle our internal conflict.

In New Delphi, angels and humans stand together to defend what’s ours, and to take revenge on those who have wronged us. At the start of the War, Gabriel forced us to side with him against humankind or drown in darkness. Here we have the choice and the tools to battle the true enemy: the Higher Angels themselves. By the nature of their elevated rank, Higher Angels go against our ethos of equality and classlessness.

The Asylum

For those of us who cannot channel their raging tendencies into the defense of our city, there is an underground asylum to house the lost souls, and ensure the peace above.


The first step to joining our society is securing a set of personal weapons, available on the Trading Floor.

To successfully integrate with our human comrades, we suggest downplaying angelic features such as black eyes, spider-veins, sharpened and stained teeth with the use of masks, make-up, vein-diminishing creams, dental bleach, and teeth files (all available on the Trading Floor).

Our Possessed are discouraged from using Lishepus, and are urged to keep their English communication on point. Angels may polish their English skills at our Language Stand.

Our Mission

Our city welcomes all angels in search of a greater purpose. Join us, and equality and
justice will be yours.

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