Gates Foley

A Founding Father of Vega

Vega maintains a psychological evaluation protocol for vetting candidates for various types of city service. The following is an excerpt from one such evaluation with Gates Foley, one of the Founding Fathers of Vega.


Medical Bay

Personnel Evaluation

Date: April 4, 2022
Subject: Gates Emerson Foley
DOB: 08/27/1996 Age: 25
Gender: Male
Administrator: DR. Janet Park

Scope of Evaluation

This evaluation was commissioned by General Edward Riesen. A recent vacancy in Vega’s Senate must be filled in a timely manner and Riesen believes Mr. Foley to be a suitable candidate.

Subject Background

Gates Emerson Foley was born and raised in Somerville, Massachusetts. His father owned and operated a moving company until a car accident took his life when Foley was seven years old. His mother worked in the local alternative school system, providing tutoring and mentorship to students with behavioral issues, and was lost the day the War began. Foley was an only child, is unmarried, and has no remaining extended family.

When prompted, Foley divulged little about his relationship with his parents. When questioned about the death of his father, Foley cracked sarcastic jokes and attempted to shift subjects. When asked about his mother, again he evaded the topic, but hinted at her emotional volatility. To cope with what amounted to a tumultuous childhood household, he retreated into sports—particularly baseball—as an escape.

Growing up so close to MIT, Mr. Foley developed a fascination with engineering from an early age. An absolutely brilliant young prodigy, he matriculated at the renowned university at only fifteen, with a double-major in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Though the War would keep him from graduating, Mr. Foley experienced an extraordinary rise to the top of his class, making profound contributions in his respective fields. A true wunderkind, he was awarded several elite grants and received countless accolades from his esteemed colleagues and professors.

In the aftermath of the War, General Edward Riesen recruited the young prodigy to join him in a trek across the country to establish what would become Vega. It was here that Mr. Foley would find his calling, becoming the youngest of Vega’s Founding Fathers and the city’s Chief Engineer, responsible for the construction and maintenance of its most critical security measures and failsafes.

Emotional Functioning

Mr. Foley’s role within Vega is one of utmost importance. Despite his wry disposition, his visionary contributions to security have undoubtedly kept thousands safe. Consequently, he appears to suffer deeply from the extreme weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He not only avoided discussing the details of his childhood, but as I asked him a series of routine questions, I found him to be easily provoked and caustic. Foley displays a number of self-destructive behavior patterns—namely self-isolation, workaholic and alcoholic tendencies. He also complains of bouts of insomnia, which he claims contribute to his heightened irritability and depression.


I found Mr. Foley to display great intellect, charm, and an acerbic wit. That said, given his array of self-destructive and dysfunctional behaviors, I feel that adding anything onto his long list of responsibilities could prove detrimental to both himself and Vega at large. Not only did Mr. Foley communicate that he is not interested in Vega Leadership, I cannot support his participation in the Senate at this time.

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