The Foundation of Mallory

Twenty-five years ago, the sky ripped open and God’s angels descended upon the earth, possessing the souls of mankind, and beginning the Extermination War. Archangel Gabriel’s army decimated swaths of humanity, but as if by a miracle, passed over the humble town of Mallory, Alabama.

It was the darkest of days, yet amid the unspeakable chaos, the faithful citizens of Mallory prevailed. They awoke the next morning to a mysterious visitor, proclaiming to represent God himself. The Prophet, as he became known, offered the town further protection from evil, but this protection came at a price.

The Prophet ordered the town leader to perform a ritual of penance every five years, where he or she would take the sins and secrets of every man, woman and child to cleanse their souls and ensure collective safety.

Upon his departure, the Prophet built a bonfire, which was to protect the town from the possessed and the infinite threats of the outside world. As long as the citizens followed his word, the fire would burn and the town would be spared.

With the Prophet’s guidance, the people of Mallory united to form a new faith built around singing, service and sacrifice. And so was established the haven of Mallory, founded by the charge of a stranger and the faith of a people. An inexplicable place seemingly touched by God himself…

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