Fallen Angel

The Son of Morning

The Son of Morning, known to many as Lucifer, was God’s first-born son and considered to be the most powerful archangel. Created in God’s image, Lucifer was gifted with the ability to create; to manifest matter and energy out of nothing. It was said that nothing and no one could imitate God, but none came closer than Lucifer.

Lucifer was resolute. A determined, unwavering soul who immediately connected with mankind. He loved God’s creation. He was hopeful for them. He saw their potential, yearned for their success, and became deeply discouraged by the challenges that awaited them. When he felt that God was unfairly treating His own children, leaving them in darkness, it was Lucifer’s love of humanity which drove him to abuse his power of creation. Hoping to accelerate man’s journey, Lucifer aided the development of humankind by providing them tools beyond their comprehension, much to God’s dissatisfaction. What was once Lucifer’s prideful gift would become his undoing, as it was with this blatant disregard for God’s plan that Lucifer met his death.

Upon discovering that Lucifer had gone against His wishes and gifted the humans with stolen knowledge, God tasked his younger children (Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel) to destroy their eldest brother for all time. As the only sibling Lucifer trusted, Gabriel led the ambush to betray his brother—a guilt Gabriel has carried for centuries. Despite the Archangels’ element of surprise and overpowering number, Lucifer nearly defeated them all but ultimately fell to their onslaught and was destroyed from existence, a fate far worse than death.

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