The Seven Wraths of God

The Seven Amphorae were a set of plagues cast upon man by God. The apocalyptic events that spawned from each amphora were the physical manifestations of God’s wrath, meant for the wicked and those whom had turned against Him.

Each amphora carried with it an unspeakable power that could not be avoided, manipulated or overcome.

First Amphora

Boils & Blindness

“And the First Amphora was opened, and a great many loathsome and malignant sores plagued the body of man until his eyes could see no more.”

Second Amphora

Drought & Famine

“And the second angel poured out the Second Amphora, and the soil became a desert. The rivers halted their flow, the ground refusing to harvest, and all of God’s creatures perished in ravenous agony.”

Third Amphora


“And an angel opened the Third Amphora and a merciless flood was unleashed upon God’s land. The waters crashed like the swinging of steel; the screams of mankind dwarfed by the swiftness of the unyielding tide. And as His wrath laid waste to the wicked, the children of God were swallowed by His own creation.”

Fourth Amphora


“And the fourth angel unleashed the Fourth Amphora and man was consumed by flames. The Earth burned from east to west and mankind was left cursing His name as their flesh turned to ash.”

Fifth Amphora


“And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.”
— Revelation 16:10-11

When Gabriel poured out the Fifth Amphora, the people of Vega found themselves enveloped in darkness. Their “pains and sores” manifested in distinctive and powerful hallucinations based on the citizens’ most deep-seated hopes and fears. They did not repent, but were driven to kill themselves or each other in a night of agonizing chaos. The city destroyed itself from within until The Chosen One closed the amphora and restored the light.

Sixth Amphora

Drowning in Blood

“And the Sixth Amphora was opened, and the blood of mankind began to run. With only their agony to accompany them, the eyes and faces of the fallen ran red until blood consumed their wind and they perished.”

Seventh Amphora


“And as the seventh angel poured out the Seventh Amphora, God revoked the gift of life from the sinful masses of mankind as every woman upon His earth was made barren; unable to create or sustain life.”

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