Twenty five years ago, the gates of Heaven opened and the world ended. The angels who attacked were merciless, and most of humanity died. From the ashes of the Extermination War rose new cities and with them, new hope. Dominion: Revelations will explore facets of this new world, as well as the past of the angels that remain an ever-present threat.


The Archangels

The Archangel Family is comprised of four siblings: Twin brothers Michael and Gabriel, and their twin sisters Uriel and Raphael. Each Archangel embodies a distinctive role within the family structure. Michael exists as The Sword, Gabriel as The Heart, Uriel as The Artist, and Raphael The Sage.

The family dynamic has ebbed and flowed throughout the centuries, but when Father left, and Heaven closed, new and powerful rifts arose. The siblings divided, each with different tactics for how to bring their father back... Gabriel waged the Extermination War, aiming to wipe out mankind. His belief was that mankind drove their father away. Michael, on the other hand, set out to protect the humans, to save them with the help of the Chosen One. Wanting no part in Gabriel’s war, Uriel and Raphael declared their neutrality. Over time, Uriel could not stay away, but made her way back to Gabriel’s side. Raphael’s whereabouts remain unknown.


The Sword

Fierce and valiant, the Archangel Michael has spent his life as The Sword of God, ardently executing Father’s orders in whatever form required. A warrior ruled by logic, Michael concluded that the protection of mankind—God’s beloved creation—would result in His return. So convinced of his reasoning, he waged war on his own brother, Gabriel, who sought to annihilate humanity.

Michael acts as an unflinching champion of God. His conviction, though embedded in faith, has often manifested in extreme violence, as demonstrated during the Battle of Jericho. One of the many cities within the region of Canaan, Jericho was a land promised to the Israelites by God himself. But before their liberation, the Chosen People were enslaved by the inhabitants of Jericho, who had begun to worship false idols. God sent Michael, his trusted Sword, who “[…] utterly destroyed everything in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox and sheep and donkey, with the edge of [his] sword… [He] burned the city with fire, and all that was in it.” Obediently heeding Father’s orders, Michael surrounded the city and drove the pagans to madness, tearing down the walls and annihilating everything in sight, all in the name of God.

An unspeakably loyal soldier who values duty above all, there is no distance too great, nor challenge too difficult to keep Michael from completing his mission.


The Heart

Gabriel fervently vies for God’s favor, but driven by emotion and impulse, has the propensity to make his own rules and turn towards the dark. Convinced human extinction would incite Father‘s return, he went against his siblings, amassed a lower angel army and waged the Extermination War.

Blinded by his passion, he underestimated the strength of mankind, who defeated his army and 25 years later are still resisting him.

Powered by feeling, his actions and loyalties prove volatile. In ages past, Gabriel’s heart has led him to protect rather than attack humankind. Deeply concerned for the Israelites who hopelessly suffered under the bondage of Egypt, it was Gabriel who convinced Father to appear to Moses as the Burning Bush, to inspire him to lead his people out of slavery to the Promised Land.

Unable to recover his past love of humanity, Gabriel continues to fight for their destruction.


The Artist

Uriel, an avid lover of human art and culture, buries herself in books, music, drawing, and dancing. Imbued with the power of inspiration, she acts as a muse for great thinkers and artists alike.

She helped Plato craft The Republic, stood alongside Michelangelo as he sculpted David, and her torrent affair with Beethoven inspired Symphony No. 5.

In the times of Ancient Egypt, Uriel, enraptured by Cleopatra’s beauty and influence, indulged in a romantic relationship with the human queen. While her affairs with artists and philosophers shaped pieces of human expression, with Cleopatra, her earthly involvement escalated; she shared the rule of a dynasty. When Cleopatra’s affection moved to Mark Antony, Uriel, drunk on power and overcome with betrayal, committed a crime of passion. She staged the lovers’ dual suicide, killing the woman she loved, and changing the course of history, for better or for worse.

Unable to fill Cleopatra’s void, Uriel remains starved for human connection, her deep bond to the human spirit a double-edged sword that serves as both her strongest virtue and most formidable vulnerability.


The Sage

Raphael is considered to be the contemplative scholar among her siblings, valuing intelligence above all else. Unlike her sentimental twin, Raphael thrives on analysis. She believes that human intuition can be measured to understand the reasoning behind past events as well as to prophesy future ones.

Millennia ago, Raphael suffered a lapse in her calculated judgment. She defied Father’s orders when she appeared to the acting Babylonian King, Belshazzar, and warned his troops of the predicted fall of Babylon, which came to fruition the very next day. It was said that during a drunken feast, the “Hand of God” appeared to write the prophecy on a wall for all to see. But it was—in truth—Raphael, insatiably curious at what the humans would do with the knowledge of their own demise. The event infuriated her Father and frightened Raphael’s siblings into wondering what their sister would do if she had the power to act as God.

Despite Father’s reprimand, Raphael continues to learn all she can about human resolve and determination but has not been seen by her siblings since the start of the Extermination War.

The Gifts

It was said that upon his departure, Father left each child a gift, each one more powerful than the last. Uriel received The Apocrypha, an ancient book filled with the writings of the first prophet to
evict an angel.

Raphael maintains The Prophecy, an ability to predict future events and is the archangel who first learned of a Chosen One. Michael was given Father’s Markings, which he passed on to Jeep and then to Alex. Gabriel’s inheritance exists as a great mystery, but theories propose it was their Father’s most generous gift.

The One

Son of Morning

The Son of Morning, known to many as Lucifer, was God’s first-born son and considered to be the most powerful archangel.

Created in God’s image, it was said that Lucifer’s ambitions went counter to his father’s and was the cause of his disappearance centuries ago. Not unlike his younger siblings, Lucifer maintained profound capabilities, but how they were used remains in question.

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